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Shipping & Delivery

Where Do We Ship?

If you are ordering an item from Zemis that is fulfilled by it can be shipped to virtually any address in the world.

Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.

Third Party International Shipping

If the product you are ordering is not fulfilled by Amazon, the shipper may not be shipped outside the US. You may also prefer to consolidate all your online and/or US purchases by having them all shipped to one US location. In this case, we have teamed with other low-cost shippers/consolidators. BongoUSA and can both provide you with a US address which you can use as your ship to address and alternate billing address. Your packages can then be sent to an international location by air, mostly via DHL. Forex can consolidate all your packages in one big box at their warehouse in California to minimize cost. Once consolidated, they will send the box via ocean freight to further minimize cost. Please check the respective pages below for more details:

Bongo International Forex Cargo My US

How Much Does It Cost?

Shipping costs depend on the options you choose, the size and weight of the item, and where the order is going. It's really not that complicated. To estimate shipping costs, place an item in your cart and then click the Proceed to checkout button. On the order confirmation page, you can play with different shipping options and preferences to see how the prices and delivery estimates change.

If you want to know how the specific shipping cost was determined, please visit the links in our Shipping Rates and Times section referenced above. You'll find rate charts and more information about how shipping costs for specific items are calculated.

How Do We Ship?

We provide a wide selection of delivery options that let you choose how quickly you want to receive your order and how or if you want to pay shipping. General delivery information for Standard, Two-Day, and One-Day shipping can be found in our Shipping Rates and Times section referenced above.

When Do We Ship?

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates will appear in the order form and, you'll see both shipping and delivery date estimates in the order confirmation e-mail and in the order summary in Your Account.

Where's Your Stuff?

After you've placed your order, you can check on the shipping status in Your Account.

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4 x J Boschi Mother of Pearl Collar (Silver Gray)
4 x Monochrome Labyrinth Pearl and Crystal Necklace - Grayscale
4 x J Boschi Mother of Pearl Collar (Antique Gold)
4 x Flora in Fauna Pearl and Crystal Pendant - Ivory
3 x Monochrome Labyrinth Pearl and Crystal Necklace - Tea Rose
1 x Growl Clutch - Giraffe
1 x Tyranny on the Nile Chartreuse Neckpiece
1 x Growl Clutch - Leopard
2 x Tyranny on the Nile Turquoise Neckpiece
4 x Cleopatra's Seduction Silver Necklace
3 x Andean Florets Assorted Wood Neckpiece
1 x Knit Me Tie Me Bracelet - Chartreuse
3 x Bingham's Lost City Wooden Necklace
1 x Knit Me Tie Me Bracelet - Turquoise
1 x Rain of Ra Gold Necklace
3 x Flora in Fauna Pearl and Crystal Pendant - Night Sky
5 x Y Mother of Pearl Neckpiece Green / White
4 x Y Mother of Pearl Neckpiece Red
4 x Knit Me Tie Me Bracelet - Maize
6 x Meandering Sea Garden Shell and Gemstone Necklace
3 x Hoops Up Earrings Red Beads
1 x Divine Tombs Day Jet Black Necklace
3 x Diamond Metal Duster Earrings
2 x Orange Candy Stone Ring
2 x Galaxy Whirl Ring
2 x Pear Drop Earrings Orange
3 x Hangin by a Thread Round Earrings
1 x The Glory of Greece Neckpiece
2 x Caught in a Web Salmon Pink Abalone Ring
3 x Blackhole Cuff
1 x Shipwreck Bangle
1 x We Cuff - Coco
3 x Africana Kid Leather Cuff
3 x A Angara Neckpiece
3 x Beaded Web Elastic Bracelet
2 x Dotted Trail Bangle
2 x Blooms on Gobi Desert Neckpiece Ash Black
1 x Pink Candy Stone Ring
2 x Empress Mahal Necklace
2 x Flower Power Bracelet
2 x Tiger Attack Bangle
1 x Dark Flower Necklace
1 x Banana Bangle Polka
1 x Grapes of Wrath Necklace
3 x Hoops Up Earrings Black
2 x Diamond Rush Black Mirror
1 x Green Skin Choker Black
3 x Jungle Book Bangle
1 x Banana Bangle Triangle
1 x Athenian Amulet Neckpiece
1 x Divine Tombs Day Tomato Puree Necklace
1 x Blooms on Gobi Desert Neckpiece Blush Orange
3 x Bloody Fangs Necklace
1 x Vianca Minaudiere Skin
1 x Rin Tin Tin Metal Earrings
1 x Banana Bangle Floral
1 x Banana Bangle Sunrise
1 x Lost Pyramid Metal Ring
2 x Beaded Web Elastic Bracelet - Brown
1 x Pink Eye Metal Ring
1 x Banana Bangle Stripe
1 x Green Candy Stone Ring
2 x World is an Oyster Cuff
3 x Green Skin Choker
1 x We Cuff - Thierry
1 x Paw Lash Cuff

From The World To your Doorstep

WorldCharms is an online specialty department store that sells unique gift products from all over the world and delivers them to every doorstep of every home on Earth.

WorldCharms aims to promote awareness and understanding of various cultures, histories and religions by allowing its customers to send gifts from different parts of the globe to someone they care about. The goal of WorldCharms is to search the world for hard-to-find, truly unique, fun and useful gifts and support the artisans, craftsmen, tribal groups and cottage industries behind them. It currently offers artisan jewelry.

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